Péters Surgical at a glance

“This invitation is, for our group, the recognition of its development in India. It gives a greater visibility to our company and shows that we are an international company of sufficient size to be in an official delegation

“Business leaders attended meetings during which they were able to express their needs and expectations in order to develop business in India.
Jean-Marc CHALOT

CEO Groupe Péters Surgical




Peters Surgical India is partnering with IACTSCON for the conference to be held from April 7th- 10th, 2022. Please visit us.. Venue- Hotel Jaipur Marriott


Peters Surgical India in association with Angarika Welfare Association remain committed in its efforts to share and contribute to the society it belongs to.

World Heart Day 2021

A Healthy Heart is the key to Healthy Life. This World Heart Day, let’s pledge to take care of our Heart a little more.

Peters Surgical’s new headquarters

It is with great pleasure that Peters Surgical announces the new address of its headquarters. As of August 23rd, 2021, Peters Surgical’s headquarters will be