Urology & Gynecology

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For more than 20 years, Peters Surgical’s R&D teams work with surgeons to support them in urogynecological surgical procedures. Innovation capacity and technological vision of these two parts have led the development of numerous patented products, daily used in urogynecological surgery in operating theaters.

Surgical practice is in constant evolution, Péters Surgical develops a specific portfolio dedicated to urogynecological surgery which includes uterine manipulators, organ implants and suspensors, surgical glue and minimally invasive instrumentation such as trocars, mono/bipolar instrumentation and many other devices.

ASI Advanced Suction Irrigator

Single use suction irrigation set with pre-mounted cannula, diameter 5mm, length 38.5 cm, 8 lateral holes and distal opening. Ergonomic handle fitted with double trumpet-valves & colour coded plungers

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