Promesh® SURG UMB


  • Promesh® SURG UMB is a two-sided mesh. It contains a removable umbrella which a connected to an air-insufflating syringe. Once the mesh is introduced, the umbrella is insufflated for a perfect flat unfolding mesh through the hernia cavity, without any contact of the polypropylene side with the viscera.
  • Promesh® SURG UMB is a ready-to-use kit which simplifies the surgical procedure to ensure a deep reconstruction with a mini invasive approach performed under local anaesthesia.
  • Promesh® SURG UMB is also available for extra peritoneal placement in lightweight material (Promesh® SURG UMB LIGHT) or partially absorbable material (Promesh® SURG UMB SR)


Surgical procedures

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Digestive & Visceral

  • Parietal reinforcement and repair of ventral and incisional hernias in laparotomy.
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