Promesh® SURG DOME


  • Promesh® SURG DOME is a partially absorbable device for Plug Technique designed to repair inguinal hernias using a tension-free approach with a double reinforcement.
  • Promesh® SURG DOME device is composed of a partially absorbable dome and pre-cut mesh for anterior and posterior reinforcement of the groin.

The geodesic dome structure and a gripping pack allow easy handling and facilitating introduction in hernia orifice:

  • Dome must not be cut or trimmed. Once introduced in the hernia bag, fix by stitches with non-absorbable suture on the resistant edge of the internal ring (1 to 8 stitches are requested depending on the hernia)
  • Pre-Cut Mesh has to be positioned around the spermatic cord and fixed according to the Lichtenstein Technique.

The devices make a reactional fibrosis which replaces the reinforcement after an implantation of 6 months.

  • All Promesh® SURG DOME devices are designed for open surgery and extra peritoneal use only.
  • Promesh® SURG DOME range proposed a large portfolio of sizes according to surgeons needs.

Surgical procedures

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Digestive & Visceral

  • Parietal reinforcement and repair of inguinal hernias in laparotomy.
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