Enclose II®


The Enclose® II proximal anastomosis assist device was designed specifically to obviate the need for partial clamping of the aorta during coronary artery bypass grafting. The Enclose® II device can provide the surgeon with a stable, bloodless field.

  • Allows the surgeon to create sutured anastomosis without modifying their standard techniques
  • Allows for up to three anastomoses from one insertion site


Compared to a partial occlusion clamp, the Enclose® II anastomosis assist device

  • Exerts substantially less pressure on the aortic wall as compared to partial occlusion clamps
  • Provides improved hemodynamics due to its low profile design
  • Potentially decreases vessel trauma


Medical device Class IIa – CE 2797 – Industry surgical Vitalitec International Inc- warning surgical

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