“There needs to be a stronger recognition of Made in France.”

In a new article in L’Usine Nouvelle, Thierry Herbreteau, CEO of Peters Surgical, a French industrial mid-size Medtech founded in 1926 specializing in cardiovascular, digestive and gynecological medical devices, looks back on the partnership between Peters Surgical and Carmat, the areas of development of Peters Surgical and the recognition of #MadeinFrance in medical devices. Discover […]

Peters Surgical has increased its Motin Catheters’ Production

Discover this report produced by CNEWS within Bobigny’s manufacturing site. This report explains how Péters Surgical has reorganized itself to increase its production of Motin catheters in order to meet urgent requests from hospitals in crisis quickly. Motin catheters are widely used by ICU healthcare professionnels for the patients infected with COVID-19 care. Watch the report

Peters Surgical multiplies its production of Motin catheters by 7

« Péters Surgical has increased its production of Motin catheters [..] from 7,000 to 50,000 units per day. » Motin Catheters are particularly requested by hospitals to treat COVID-19 patients. The article from “L’Usine Nouvelle” describes how teams effort is organized within Péters Surgical to help caregivers during this COVID-19 crisis.  Read the full article

Mothin Catheter for ICU

« In one month, orders increased sevenfold, initially limited to the East of France and then to Paris region, before spreading throughout the country. » Motin catheters are now a real shield to protect both patients and healthcare staff. Le Figaro describes Péters Surgical’s active efforts to support hospitals during this COVID-19 crisis.